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People suffer injustices everyday. Some experience them on a global stage and others behind doors of places they call home: inflicted by strangers, by people they care for. Yet the question most commonly asked is of the victim… “Why don’t you just get out of it?”… As if they have a fully articulated answer backed […]


At first it always feels like Coming home from someplace Still I pull up short Already a million miles away again  Don’t know why I hesitate  [I could fall apart] Emotions they’re breaking Over me like waves Pull me under, push you away Take my breath away, ‘way, ‘way Come up clean anyway [I don’t know how You […]


Hey Lil Bro, I think you are so gangster for being fearless in the face of connecting with people… despite the social anxiety you feel. I think it is so amazing how  you allow yourself to reach out to those around you that your heart feels called to. Specifically, I love how you connect with […]


Today I held your face between my palms and I kissed one cheek at a time. On my way out I realized I had never felt my fathers face like that before and it was possible I would never again get the chance after the moment passed. And so in that moment I conquered the […]


” The campaign is aimed at encouraging women to challenge the belief that destiny is set at birth. The #INeverExpire campaign sheds light on the fact that age-related pressure impacts women everywhere.” – SK-II  I just learned about the #INeverExpire campaign by SK-II the other day while flipping through my IG account. However, its been […]