27 DRESSES…ish


Bridesmaid x3

Maid of Honor x3

Whaaaat I’m a likable person… Just not by the type of men I’m attracted to apparently (tall, handsome, charming, kind). Please laugh. The least I can do is laugh at my daddy issues while I sort them out.

Whats the big deal?

Well it’s really not. Just that as soon as my best friend told me her boyfriend of 4yrs had popped the question over labor day weekend I had the most annoying conversation with my brain.

Me: Yes! Finally! Im so happy for her! Awwwww ❤

Brain: Yayyyyy, but this officially makes you the only single gal in your girl gang.

Me: So…

Brain: Well its not like your getting any younger.

Me: *GASP* What kind of a monster would say that.

Brain: Seriously? When the hell is it gonna be our turn. WTF? Get it together woman!!!


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