Elysian…ish is inspired by the grounded notion that we are all “Elysian’s”. An Elysian is a divinely inspired, peace-full and perfect being. To be an Elysian is to be unapologetically one self, to be rooted in the belief that ” I am enough” and to be inspired by the perspective of ones higher self. The “ish” is an acknowledgment of the otherwise not so characteristic and comical manner through which I personally seem to stumble through life at times; on my journey of self creation and re-discovery of my higher self.

Damn that got real. But seriously, this simple perspective has transformed my relationship with myself and this blog was partly created to help people do the same.

Along the way this blog has also become a safe space for self expression that also serves as a creative outlet that allows me to share and connect with others. What to expect: A perfectly imperfect representation of experiences through snippets of thoughts, images, ramblings and mediocre use of grammar 😉

Fun Facts…

  • I’m in love with my home state of California. The ocean is my first love and the beach IS my favorite place to be. I know. So cliche. Yet so me.
  • Orca’s are my favorite animal. Because they are majestic and intelligent AF! #Goals.
  • My favorite color changes based on my mood…right now it’s white. I know… I know.

Much love,