Dear Soul Sister,

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      Thank You. Thank you for being a witness to my life. Thank you for being a witness to the parts of me that are the best of me. The parts of me that forget to exist when I’m feeling weighed down by the expectations and chaos of family. The parts of me that forget to sparkle when I’m feeling insecure from a mismatched romantic interest. Thank you for reminding me of my truth when I start doubting myself. Thank you for always standing in who I am even when my ugly is running rampant; lets be honest, it gets pretty frikin ugly at times LOL.  Thank you for allowing me to feel safe and giving me a space to share my authentic self (whoever that may be on any given day :P). Thank you for not judging me even though I’m not so good at that myself sometimes. But most of all thank you for being a witness to my life and sharing yours with me.

Thank You ❤


Peace, Love, and Namaste



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Friend: I really appreciate your friendship with all my “wrongs”.

Reply: We all have “wrongs”. Continue reading message if you’re in the mood for a positive rant… lol

It’s easy to get carried away feeling guilty when we aren’t operating at our best or when we fail at something. But the good news is each of us has a choice to try to move towards or away from the person we want to be every minute of everyday. And ALL of us fail and succeed at that every day. And we all have our own unique battles. And no one battle is better than the other. B/C it’s all subjective if that makes sense. And the battles we fight don’t define who we are and or our worthiness of friendship/love/and compassion. Neither do the things that happen to us b/c of the choices we make. So basically what I’m saying is keep your chin up and lover yourself and believe in yourself matter what! You will fail over and over, but you will also grow each time if you let yourself. Don’t waste your time being mad/upset/sorry for yourself (I know easier said than done cuz I do this shit all the time 😛 #workingonit). Those feelings don’t serve you. You can have the support of an army but it won’t do a damn thing for you if you don’t love yourself and believe in yourself. There is no reason to believe that you aren’t a powerful badass being. You just have to allow yourself to be 🙂

…end rant. &hearts ♥️